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NewSmile Lifetime Guarantee

Our Promise

We are committed to ensuring your smile lasts a lifetime, and we provide a guarantee to support this commitment. The following guidelines must be adhered to in order to maintain this guarantee in good standing:

  1. Aligner Usage: Aligners must be worn daily as directed in your treatment plan. This includes wearing them for the minimum number of hours specified and switching to the next aligner after the designated number of days. Additionally, you should watch the instructional videos provided via email to ensure proper usage and safe, healthy tooth movement.

  2. Bi-weekly Check-ins: Every two weeks, you must upload photos of yourself wearing the aligners in response to our email prompts. This allows us to monitor your progress and address any issues promptly to ensure treatment goals are met.

  3. Retention of Aligners: All aligners must be kept in the provided protective sleeves until treatment is complete and retainers have been received (note that retainers involve an additional cost). In the event of treatment issues or aligner breakage, you may be instructed to revert to a previous set of aligners. We do not provide single aligner replacements, and if you lose or damage more than two consecutive sets, you may need to purchase a duplicate set at an additional cost. Aligners should be stored in a cool, dry, and safe location, out of reach of pets to prevent damage.

  4. Dental Hygiene Maintenance: Daily brushing and flossing are essential to maintaining oral health during treatment and preventing the need for additional dental work. If dental work is necessary during your clear aligner treatment, it may impact your treatment plan. Please contact us prior to any elective dental procedures.

  5. No Modifications to Aligners: Aligners must not be altered or modified unless explicitly instructed by us. This prohibition includes but is not limited to adding gems or decorations, or cutting the plastic. Filing down any irritating pieces using the included tool is permissible, provided you notify us if the issue persists.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may void the Lifetime Guarantee, resulting in additional costs for replacement aligners. Notify us within 30 days of completing treatment if the desired end result has not been achieved.

NewSmile for Life Guarantee

Our Lifetime Guarantee ensures that if your teeth move out of alignment after completing the initial treatment, and you subscribe to our retainer program (receiving new retainers every six months or more and wearing them as directed), you will receive additional impression kits and aligners at no extra cost, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Eligibility Evaluation: Our team will assess your claim to determine if your teeth have moved out of alignment compared to the end of your original treatment. This evaluation includes verifying compliance with these terms and assessing suitability for further treatment. Photographs and additional information may be requested. If it is determined that the teeth have not moved, or you do not meet the guarantee criteria, or are unsuitable for further treatment, the guarantee will not apply.

  2. Retainer Plan Compliance: The guarantee is contingent upon adherence to the treatment plan and proper use of retainers. You must subscribe to the retainer plan, ensuring delivery every six months or more.

  3. Coverage Scope: This guarantee applies only to the teeth originally treated under your NewSmile plan. It excludes teeth affected by external physical trauma, missing teeth, those impacted by other dental or orthodontic treatments outside of NewSmile, or changes due to other health conditions.

  4. Qualification Requirements:

    • Post-treatment, you must purchase and regularly receive retainers from NewSmile every six months at a minimum, and confirm in writing their proper usage.
    • Alternatively, if using bonded retainers, provide proof of placement and annual checks by a dentist or orthodontist, and confirm in writing their proper usage.
  5. Account Standing: Any disputed or past-due accounts may void this guarantee.

Exchanges and Returns

If a product is received damaged or does not fit correctly, contact us immediately for a replacement. For safety reasons, we do not accept returns. Once an order is placed, exchanges, returns, or refunds are not accepted.

Terms and conditions of our Lifetime Guarantee are subject to change at any time, and only apply to customers who completed their NewSmile clear aligner treatment.


June 20, 2024 V.1.1