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An Alternative To Braces For Adults | NewSmile™ Invisible Aligners

An Alternative To Braces For Adults

February 01, 2023

No one enjoys getting braces, and getting braces as an adult can make braces seem even more of a hassle. While all your cohorts may have gone through braces together in their younger years, getting braces as an adult can make you even more self-conscious.

Additionally, traditional braces risk issues of food getting caught in between them, learning new hygiene methods, and missing school or work for expensive appointments. Understandably, many adults want a straighter smile, but braces or adult aligners can be a hard pill to swallow.

A Braces Alternative for Adults

Luckily, NewSmile™ provides an excellent alternative to braces that is all at once effective, affordable, convenient and inconspicuous. This modern form of aligners costs one fourth the price of traditional braces, which is enough reason to celebrate. But NewSmile™ also allows customers to create their aligner molds from the convenience of their own home, on their own time.

These molds are then sent back to the company, where professionals ensure the customer is a good fit for this type of treatment. Then they create about 15 molds to gradually straighten teeth over time and send them back to the customer. Each clear aligner mold is worn by the customer for about two weeks each, meaning an adult can be more confident in their smile in 30 weeks or less.

NewSmile™ offers several flexible payment plans, and many dental insurance companies help cover the cost of the aligners. If you’re not sure how much you’ll end up spending in your particular case, we’ll even do the work for you and let you know how much insurance will cover. Because any day you don’t have to spend talking to your insurance company is a win, right?

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