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Foods That Damage Teeth | Maintain Your Beautiful Smile

Foods That Damage Teeth | Maintain Your Beautiful Smile

February 14, 2023

Growing up we all heard the mantras, “Don’t eat too much sugar or you’ll ruin your teeth,” or, “You’ll ruin your appetite,” from our parents. Even though we ignored our parents and did it anyway, there was more wisdom to their warnings than we realized. In fact, there are some foods that even break your teeth. This goes beyond bad food for teeth, this is about foods that damage teeth, and could end up with an emergency visit to the dentist. NewSmile is here to warn you about five foods that can damage your teeth to possibly avoid, in order to maintain your beautiful smile.

Chewing Ice

Yep, you read that right. Something as simple and innocent as ice can damage your teeth! Even though ice may not contain any sugars that can create cavities chewing it can damage your teeth’s enamel.



Okay, this one won’t crack your teeth (unless you’re chewing on the can which would be a whole other blog post), but sugary sodas weaken your teeth’s enamel making them softer and more susceptible to cracking or breaking. Drink soda in moderation to prevent the softening of your teeth and the risk of breaking them on these other foods.


Olive Pits

Biting into an unpitted olive is dangerous when you don’t realize that it’s not pitted. That’s when crack you go to the dentist.



Yep, everyone’s favorite snack at the movies is also infamous for cracking teeth. Chomping down on an unpopped kernel will crack your tooth. You don’t have to get rid of the popcorn when you go to the movies, just be more careful.



This one you really have to be careful with. Munching on almonds can chip your teeth if you are not careful. They may be delicious and healthy, but eat almonds with caution.

When you damage your teeth you may throw off their alignment. When that happens, be sure to buy NewSmile clear aligners to help correct your smile.